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By Everyday Tourist (anonymous) | Posted July 09, 2013 at 18:44:12

WOW! Great debate...I would totally agree that empty lots are not of any value to anyone and neither are empty buildings. Hamilton needs people living and working downtown. People with money to spend, not seniors (my Mom) or low income citizens (sorry) but people who can support new restaurants, retail shops etc. The reason developers don't build anything new is that there is no market for new businesses. It is a chicken and an egg...there are not new offices, restaurants or retail because their are no workers who want to live in the city centre and there are not new residents because there are not jobs and amenities. Locke, Hesse and James Streets have to become the catalysts for creating a vibrant Downtown. I am not convince Gore Park is the key to a vibrant city centre. In fact I would look at the waterfront and how it can be linked made part of the city centre's appeal. The biggest problem Downtown Hamilton has is that it is not near the water and near a major urban park, most vibrant urban places are along a river or waterfront not landlocked. This is a major problem for Downtown Hamilton in its present location, there is no natural attraction.

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