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By BeHappyAndCarryOn (anonymous) | Posted July 10, 2013 at 15:21:30

Jay Robb: If I were David, "handing over the key was never an option with me. I did not parcel this block to lose. I play to win, and as you know, I already have all the clout and support in this city to win. Have you not seen the consistently good press I have got since 2000. I simply cannot do any wrong."

"What I would be asking from the councillors & the city in return for sparing those buildings on Gore is very simple. At least 30 to 40 floors of pre-zoning on the vacant lots facing Main and James, and at least $2 million to save the facades of those rotting, old buildings on Gore."

"Without these two elements there is no deal. You know the fence has already come up, and I may not be able to hold on much longer. All of this is costing me a great deal of money."

"(PS: In case somebody bring this up, I purposely did not put up a fence at the rear of thee buildings, from where I plan to start demolishing, just because, I cannot lose any revenue from all that parking while this high stakes poker game plays out)."

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