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By screencarp (registered) | Posted July 11, 2013 at 00:23:24

I'm looking forward to seeing the engineering assessment. If we're paying for it so we're going to get to read it right? I suspect some might be surprised what it says. I have personal experience with these buildings, and they're a lot worse than folks on this site think. I'd also love to hear from Mr. Premi who had his office on the second floor of 28 King for a while.

This is such an important block, it needs to be done right and no-one is sharing any sort of plan. Understandably, that adds to the community anxiety. My hope is for a speedy resolution so we don't end up with a "dead" block for too long. Sadly, it seems like poor Gore is cursed with one thing after another. Perhaps it's the horrors of the secret bathrooms buried beneath it.

I have a question. If James N. is Hamilton's "arts" district, is this Hamilton's "financial" district? Should that inform the architectural choices we make? A financial institution of some sort could be the big money anchor tenant the owners claim to need, and still leave room for patio's, coffee shops and boutiques along the Gore. It's also an awesome feel good moment for someone with deep pockets to preserve the building that are there and integrate them into what that block needs. I hear bankers eat that shit up and have lots of money (but tip poorly). Put the tower (and we know they want a big tall tower) back in the centre of the block and integrate it into the street front Close off the street permanently and leave the chess board. In fact, make more chess boards, spots for food trucks, bike racks, tables and benches. Maintain and clean the fountain. Maybe we can finally get something going on with the poor Connaught a block away.

TLDR; The Gore is important. Let's not fuck this up.

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