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By Connie (registered) | Posted July 11, 2013 at 13:25:43

" Yes, it would be better if Blanchard intrinsically recognized the heritage value of his properties. And if the last seven months of anxiety, desperation and last-ditch efforts to save the buildings were not necessary. And yes, if Blanchard's recent commentary had been less disdainful."

Agreed ... It would be nice if Wilson-Blanchard had some "ability to visualize" the profit potential of upscale heritage lofts in the Gore, instead of threatening us with demolition and "a Target store ... or whatever".

City Council has some work to do to amend and create laws to prevent such predatory developers from benefiting financially by acquiring historic properties and allowing them to deteriorate, then emptying them of tenants and blackmailing taxpayers with threats of demolition.

Dave Blanchard may have agreed to delay demolition, but he's still playing the extortion game, crying 'poor' and lacking ability to make the project profitable. If it's so unprofitable, then he should be selling the properties off at bargain basement prices. There are developers who would love to have the opportunity that Blanchard so disdains.

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