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By DowntownAdvocate (registered) | Posted July 11, 2013 at 15:07:05

How do you know he hasn't already visualized the profits of residential use, just because he hasn't presented them to YOU. Everyone thinks because these buildings have stood for over 100 years that they are perfectly stable, perhaps you should get your own engineering report and just find out the facts before jumping to conclusions. Not every building that is considered a heritage age are built on the same type of foundations. I have toured the buildings a few years back and saw first hand the state of the buildings. Blanchard isn't the type of developer to build a property up half-assed just to get it done, it needs to be done right and if that means they need to come down (or mostly down) to make it happen then so be it. I am just surprised it has taken this long for it to happen.

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