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By Nails (anonymous) | Posted July 11, 2013 at 20:45:04

Here is my way of determining if it's worth keeping. These criteria are all worth a points and if you get 3.5 or more points it should be preserved. If it gets 3, then it gets an extra month before a demo permit is issued. Any less, no special protection given.

Older then 1960 + 1, Older then 1900 +1, meets age criteria but significant changes have been made to the building -0.5, Possesses unique unlikely to be duplicated arcitectural features +1, has a claim of historical significance +1, address is part of continous strucutre of the same height that possesses at least four addresses +1 with +0.5 for every four addresses connected (Think James St N), exceeds four floors +1 with +1 for every five floors thereafter, can be built up to at least 4 floors without a major strucutral overhaul +0.5, address is part of a well known area (Hess Village, Old Ancaster, Downtown Dundas, James St N) +1, building is in a lesser known but popular area (Ottawa St, Beach Rd, Augusta) +0.5. Building is not cost effective to be repaired -1, Developer has proof of a suitable new development and can show he has secured finanacing -

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