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By BeHappyAndCarryOn (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2013 at 13:53:10

Dear Clr Jason Farr:

It is very clear that these buildings are not coming down, so enough already with all these fencing games.

We thank you for continuing the public dialogue between Mr. Blanchard, city staff and yourself behind closed doors, and eagerly await the 'surprise' announcement of a happy settlement of some free money and super high towers in the rear. In the interim the least you and the city can do is remove the godforsaken 'wimpy' fence which is currently only protecting a few trees and lampposts.

This is just so the people of Hamilton who pay taxes are able to freely enjoy the pedestrianized version of Gore Park through the summer.

David knows very well that he can erect this flimsy prop anytime your public dialogue stalls, so why not convince him to build some community goodwill while you'll continue talking about the 'surprise' gift to him from the city.

Using the removal of the fence as a bargaining chip now will make you and David look good, and the people happy. It is an overall win-win-win for all, so please oblige and open up Gore Park this summer.

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