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By Connie (registered) | Posted July 29, 2013 at 12:48:49

So for several years we're going to have 5 empty lots facing Gore Park where these historic brick and timber buildings now stand.

I guess all we can do then is show our great displeasure during the 2014 election by campaigning hard against the Councillors who allowed this destruction to occur: At the January Planning Committee meeting, heritage designation for the Gore buildings was voted down by suburban councillors COLLINS (Ward 5), CLARK (Ward 9), FERGUSON (Ward 12), PARTRIDGE (Ward 15) & PEARSON (Ward 10).

Downtown Councillors have spoken mildly in favou of saving the buildings, but what have they really done to save them? Not enough! Councillors FARR (Ward 2), MCHATTIE (Ward 1) MERULLA (Ward 4),MORELLI (Ward 3, on sick leave).

By ELECTION time, the absolute folly of destroying the historic core of Hamilton will be blatantly apparent to the entire city, the orovince, the nation and Hamilton will be an international pariah and laughingstock ... AGAIN ... and political careers may falter and die on this issue ... but it will be TOO LATE to save the buildings, too late to fix the mess that was once the historic core of Hamilton.

Who's going to want to 'promenade' in front of empty lots? May as well save the money being spent on that foolish idea. Unbelievable. Pathetic.

Listen to the builders' 'vision' for this last remaing remnant of Hamilton's once beautiful and historic core: That's right folks! THERE IS NO VISION!!!! Not the Councillors, not the mayor, not the builders ... NO ONE IN THIS MESS HAS ANY VISION AT ALL OF WHAT THE DOWNTOWN CENTRE SHOULD BE!!!!! And yet they apply for and approve DEMOLITION OF THE CORE !

The 'VISION' of this city council is to go into an ELECTION with 6 empty holes where attractive heritage buildings stood ... buildings now on Heritage Canada's list of 10 "most endangered' heritage sites.

Reap what you sow councillors! Destruction of the Gore streetwall will be destruction at the ballot box ... in the history books ... and in the popular

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