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By ScreenCarp (registered) | Posted September 22, 2013 at 15:37:36 in reply to Comment 92458

So, in Hamilton, it's "ridiculous" for central city dwellers to take RHVP/Linc. But in Toronto, you hold up their mirror example of DVP/Gardiner as a workable system?

Yes and no. Toronto has a terrible traffic problem and Hamilton does not. If you think it's reasonable to ask someone to backtrack around the city rather than taking the shortest and most direct route, you are divorced from the economic, geographic and environmental realities of Hamilton. Once again, the discussion isn't about driving from Stoney Creek to the 403 via Main/King because no one does that. It's about driving from east of the core to the 403 or coming from the 403 to downtown or the Mountain to downtown. You think folks who live in Landsdowne/Beasley/Stinton can afford the extra gas and wear and tear or the additional cab fare to grocery shop? Do you think it taking 25 minutes to get the 403 from those neighbourhoods is going to help property values? Not to mention the additional pollution from stop and go traffic. Do you really think causing congestion in the core is going to make people want to visit it?

As far as our one way street system being "ludicrous", it's been there since 1957 and it still works very well for moving vehicles. Things have admittedly changed, so there is room to reduce capacity and make the streets more complete, but a blanket call for two way streets in the name of imagined future benefits is ridiculous. Personally, I'd like to see more one way side streets.

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