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By Dave (anonymous) | Posted October 05, 2013 at 13:49:03 in reply to Comment 92914

Appreciate the feedback Kiely. I was using images for this article to highlight a few of the locations and issues mentioned within. The image of the lone bike rack (with two open spaces as you've noted) juxtaposed against a sea of car parking is meant to give an example of the imbalance that currently exists in many places. The rack at MIP shows an example of a well-intentioned bike rack that could be improved. Finally, the image of a city-installed secure rack is an example of another option.

Overall, my intention was to highlight opportunities for change (as noted), though I do take your well-explained point that to show areas where bikes are locked to fences, parking meters, etc. would be of benefit to readers. In future posts I'll keep these comments in mind in terms of providing an overall picture and do appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for contributing.


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