Comment 94382

By DM (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2013 at 17:02:49 in reply to Comment 94378

By commute, I meant cars as it related to the previous comment. Please stop offering these other routes (Hunter, Charlton, etc) as they are going to be just as troublesome. I empathize with your causes, however, the alternatives and compromise just aren't there, yet are consistently offered and I find the routes offered to be highly residental over current highly commercial routes. "Not through my neighborhood!" is what I hear. Let me be the possibly first to say on RTH, please feel free to use the streets in my neighborhood to get somewhere else in the city. I just don't see the destruction as a result of the direction of traffic. But I am trying to. When I look around I see dramatic progess. Please come up with a RTH master plan.

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