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By j.servus (registered) | Posted November 06, 2013 at 20:24:06 in reply to Comment 94382

I don't mind Main being used as a through-street. I mind it being configured as a speedway with pathetic sidewalks and no room for cyclists.

You say, "...the alternatives and compromise just aren't there." Why not?

Let's imagine a possible compromise. We'll take the streets with the heaviest traffic, and make them one way. And we'll take the streets with the lightest traffic, and make them two way. The top streets for per lane traffic are Garth, Upper James, and Main around McMaster (where it is currently two-way).

Something is wrong. The most heavily traveled streets are all two way. Apparently the criterion for one-way streets is not that they have heavy traffic volume. Wentworth, which is one way, carries less than one fifth the volume of cars as Garth, which is two way. Go figure. I don't know what the criterion is for making streets one-way, but I can't help but notice that they're all downtown, and nobody in the other parts of town is asking for them to be implemented where they live.

So why can't we have the same alternative and compromise on Main, that already functions fine on Upper James and Garth, Golf Links and Mohawk, and Main itself once it gets out to Westdale and Dundas? These all carry comparable traffic, or even more traffic, than most of Main.

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