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By jason (registered) | Posted March 19, 2014 at 19:03:47


It's that type of attitude that Hamilton is going to need for a while if we ever expect to stop acting like it's 1960 all the time. Bogota had a mayor that built hundreds of km of bike lanes and BRT lines along with an extensive park system in a matter of 6-8 years.
NYC has been transformed in less than 10 years by their Transportation Commissioner who took a tough approach to making these changes that otherwise would never happen with the usual N American model of studying everything to death.

Hamilton is embarrassing when it comes to approving anything besides roads, townhouses and box stores. Small neighbourhood cafes, pedestrian/transit/cycling amenities, mixed-use developments, anything higher than 2.5 stories etc.... all turn into a fiasco where nobody wants to dare step out of the 1970's status quo.

As someone once said about cities: the only thing that sucks about democracy is all the voting.

Hamilton has this down to a science - debate, vote, debate, study, debate, vote, more study, sit on the shelf for 4 years, debate, study, vote...... Let's start acting like a real city.

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