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By JustinJones (registered) - website | Posted March 20, 2014 at 09:51:49 in reply to Comment 98679

Agreed. Clark's suggestion wasn't based in malice nor desire to have these lanes happen. I've talked with him a few times about them, and he's 100% supportive. Honestly, Clark is a procedural guy, and he saw a project coming forward that hadn't had any "public hearings" done by City Staff, and he's right on that. City Staff never went out, hosted an open house for a dozen people and heard what they thought about the design that was put in front of council yesterday. We at Yes We Cannon, however, did the City's job for them here. We talked with the BIAs, we met with every neighbourhood association, we went to over 20 events and talked to people where they were, we didn't wait for them to come to us. And the City isn't used to that level of sophistication in projects like this, so some Councillors don't necissarily know how to handle it, and then they still want to go about the usual dithering that's involved in a City-led project. This is a community-led project, and public consultations (which were done, by the way, in the form of the Cannon Street 2-Way audit group - a city-run project), aren't going to give any new insights - that road HAS to change. This is a pilot project, with public input built in as part of its ongoing operations, so we need to stop looking for perfect and start getting something done.

As for Clark, sure he's a Conservative, but he's as red as they come, by my experience. He's not a bad guy - he's a pragmatist, and listens to reason. He's no Rob Ford. Not even close. I think he's a decent enough Councillor, but my Mayoral allegiances lie elsewhere.

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