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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted March 20, 2014 at 10:44:32 in reply to Comment 98711

Well people in the lower city actually do bike. Every day you see crazy people biking on North-end roads like Cannon and Victoria and Wellington, often the wrong way or on the sidewalk because the "correct" way is so bike-hostile. Maybe your right that there isn't demand for a bike lane on Stone Church or Golf Links, I don't know (and having driven on Golf Links, I can see why nobody uses that one - it looks suicidal).

But Cannon Street has the space and the demand for a bike-lane. And don't even start to complain about the money when we'll be spending $60 million on that freaking interchange at Clappison's Corners and what, $200 million on the damnable Stadium? We could build hundreds of protected bike lanes for that kind of money.

And I'll agree to licenses when cyclists start running over and killing hundreds of Canadians per-year. We don't license pedestrians, why should we license cyclists? And as for the license fee, that doesn't go to city coffers. I pay property tax, I want a bike lane, and I don't want Tim Horton's stadium or a new interchange.

But you already know all this. You just don't care because it interferes with your knee-jerk hatred of cycling.

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