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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted March 26, 2014 at 07:40:36

YesWeCannon was awesome. I like Consultation 2.0. More effective at reaching and educating a broader audience, more able to answer questions and concerns on the fly, pools everyone's experience and input, good stuff.

The processes used so far, have been largely inefficient and ineffective. And that's a polite phrasing. Way too many positive initiatives disappear into an event horizon of infinite recursive studies. It takes years, decades, to even pick low hanging fruit.

Tactical urbanism has gotten things done much faster, because it left no ambiguity of public support. Where neighborhoods resorted to literally doing the work themselves, then the city engaged more seriously because it must stay credible.

Consultation 2.0 is a wonderful solution to both. It calls out and exposes the red tape for selectively enforcing and abusing the process to guard the old status quo that people are tired of. But still respects the need for the city (which is collectively "us") to have structured procedures so that it can function. But it also avoids frustration escalating into civil disobedience and taking matters into our own hands, which tactical urbanism was the beginnings of.

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