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Free Tire Pressure Clinic

  • Date: Saturday, August 06, 2011
  • Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm
  • Location: Canadian Tire Centre Mall
  • Address: 1089 Barton St. East, Hamilton (Google Maps)
  • Contact: Paul Barrett
  • Email: air@greenventure.ca
  • Phone: 905-540-8787 ext 113

On Saturdays beginning August 6, 2011 Green Venture will hold a series of free Tire Pressure Clinics at selected Canadian Tire store parking lots in Hamilton. Drivers will learn how to properly check their vehicle’s tire pressure, and receive a free Green Venture EcoDriver kit which includes: Tire Pressure Gauge, Fuel Consumption Calculator, EcoDriver Tips and Brochure, Tire Tread Indicator.

“A vehicle with just one tire under-inflated by 8 psi uses 4% more fuel, and the life expectancy of the tire decreases by 15,000km,” says Paul Barrett from Green Venture, which delivers the EcoDriver program in Hamilton. “While about half of drivers know they should check tire pressures, most don’t know how to do it properly. By investing 5 minutes at a Tire Pressure Clinic, drivers learn how easy it is to check and maintain their vehicle’s tire pressures.”

The Rubber Association of Canada states that “tire under-inflation is the most common cause of tire failure and can lead to accidents” and that “under-inflated tires cause Canadians to waste an estimated 643 million litres of fuel each year”.

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