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In the Belly - Insurgent Theatre Performance

In the belly is where things digest, where they are broken down so their value can be extracted. This is where things are made to rot. If our society is a beast, it's belly is the prison system. This new work from Insurgent Theatre seeks to manifest imprisonment on stage, overlays it with critical analysis of the system, and follows up with in-depth discussion about abolishing prison in America.

Created in workshop by Weslie Cole...man, Kate Pleuss, and Ben Turk, with assistance from Harmony Bench and Rebecca Riley.

Touring the US in 2011. Raising funds for RedBird Prison Abolition. Supporting prisoners in Ohio.

This show contains nudity, violence and other sad realities of the US prison system.

Contact info: Ben Turk at 614 704 4669 insurgent.ben@gmail.com Digital photos, interview and photo opportunities are available upon request.

$10-$20 Suggested Donation (Pay What You Think It's Worth, No-one turned away) Doors at 7.

www.insurgenttheatre.org/adseg.html www.redbirdprisonabolition.org/


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