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For he that MoDao division, it was heavy rains this small magic, is really mean is too small. But, after the rainstorm, float in the sky of the dust is gone, but I like the father more. Just be burned on it, and now it black, the rain, immediately became the rat. Don't mention how uncomfortable. Despite the very heart of discontent. But he didn't dare to scold ah. Whether or not the he dare to grandpa against. So angry only to go to the steel beast. "Ah. You see he was drenched much mess. If he were gonorrhea of how to do." Mother apparently grandpa's approach is not too satisfied. "That is better than let the dust cover view." Grandpa wry smile way.

"if in time to see the heavy, that is not just a mess.Oh."; Mother to grandpa vomit vomit tongue way. "somebody else wrong about you.It doesn't matter." Grandpa alike tunnel. "as long as don't eat me this old man, let you how do STH over and over again.Ha ha." Together we laughed. We in the above the talking and laughing, parents will in a tough game. He is really didn't expect this armor beast so strong. He had been in the elven forests by visiting time actually seen armor beast. Just when he know somebody else and he is not a class, so far far saw, run. So there has been no more profound impression. And he got from dragon scales, power increased greatly, after a bit crazy, began to don't mind the beast's eye on rails. Today he was for his madness pay the price.

Although he has had the body all spell blessing, but no matter how he cut it, is to have the effect of wood. Spirit all want to direct to the sword in the mouth to steel beast, see it tongue is also so hard. But the thought of the somebody else's throat inside that fire, he immediately dropped the idea. Is the flame of steel beast directly spray as saying that he has a dragon scales protection will not be burned into coke, at most is also a eight mature. A man a beast work about an hour, leng is spirit of shining. My father had a "light" blessing and praise physical almost do not spend, but this armor beast is real make their strength. Zha not tired. "The big MoDao teacher."


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