Articles from February, 2016

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women National Inquiry Recommendations
This inquiry provides Canada the opportunity to remedy one more atrocity endured by generations of Indigenous peoples. It's time to listen to those with lived experience, because we only have one chance to make amends.
by Doreen Nicoll
Published February 26, 2016 in Healing Gaia (0 comments)

Expensive Transit Subsidizing Cheap Parking
The City sets both parking rates and the transit rates, as well as taxpayer funding levels for roads and transit. Money spent on roads, or subsidizing artificially cheap parking, is money that cannot be spent on transit.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published February 25, 2016 in Special Report: Transit (34 comments)

Getting Hamilton Unstuck: An Evening with Doug Saunders
Cities that get stuck experience significant inequalities of income, health outcomes, educational achievement outcomes and pockets of violence.
by Maureen Wilson
Published February 24, 2016 in Events (2 comments)

My Story, My Choices, and the Freedom of Others
Providing safe infrastructure for cycling gives people the freedom to choose how they get around, whereas maintaining road space solely for the use of cars traps people into one mode of transportation.
by Justin Jones
Published February 24, 2016 in Special Report: Cycling (5 comments)

Redressing Ontario's Historic Treatment of People with Developmental Disabilities
While individuals with developmental disabilities have made huge strides to reclaim their human rights, the dark chapter of institutionalization remains unresolved because the province refuses to admit the abuses that took place.
by Doreen Nicoll
Published February 24, 2016 in Healing Gaia (0 comments)

Cart Before Horse: Why It May Be Too Late to Create the West Harbour We Deserve
One starts to wonder if this is really about resident engagement, or just a marginally different tick-the-box PIC process so the City can stay can say we were consulted, yet still move ahead with a predetermined plan.
by Graham Crawford
Published February 22, 2016 in Special Report: West Harbour (21 comments)

Active Transportation Growing Pains as City Piles Snow on New Walkway
It's very encouraging that Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr has shown active support for this improvement, both in the construction phase and through its operational maintenance.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 18, 2016 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (4 comments)

Old Wentworth Street Transportation Centre May Become New LRT Facility
The appeal of WSTC is that it already exists and is centrally located. The downside is the complexity and cost of converting it to rail use.
by John Thompson
Published February 18, 2016 in Special Report: Light Rail (26 comments)

Councillor Issues Quasi-Apology for Colombia Comments
Instead of just owning his mistake, apologizing and promising to learn from the experience, Ferguson couldn't resist stirring in a dollop of rationalization.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 18, 2016 in Special Report: Transit (12 comments)

No More Oil Industry Subsidies
I wonder how much no-emission, renewable energy infrastructure could be built for $88 Billion US?
by Jim Sweetman
Published February 11, 2016 in Commentary (36 comments)

Travel Back in Time at Frost Bites Winter Theatre Festival
These are stories worth telling and being told as a gateway into the lives of people before us. Present-day artists tell the stories of the past in such a way that we can feel the past breathe.
by Ryan Sero
Published February 10, 2016 in Arts and Music (1 comment)

Book Review: Happy City by Charles Montgomery
Happy cities are cities where urban transportation infrastructure puts people first, mitigates the effects of social inequality and respects the dignity of every human being.
by Kevin Love
Published February 09, 2016 in Reviews (12 comments)

Pedestrian Nonfrastructure on Fennell at West 5th
It's hard to believe this situation exists so close to Mohawk College, a giant new hospital development, and right in front of the Auchmar property.
by Bob Berberick
Published February 08, 2016 in Special Report: Walkable Streets (32 comments)

Canada Must Act Now to Save Steel Industry
A more proactive government would see the value of using all of the tools at its disposal, including loans and incentives, to nurture and preserve steelmaking in Canada.
by Paul Weinberg
Published February 05, 2016 in Special Report (1 comment)

Tell Council to Put More Transit in the Budget
It's budget season at City Hall and we need your help to let the community and councillors know that you support increased funding for transit.
by Hamilton 4 Transit
Published February 05, 2016 in Special Report: Transit (11 comments)

Ferguson's Stereotyping Hurts Hamilton's Ability to Learn
When a civic leader is so arrogant and prejudiced against another country that he flatly refuses to acknowledge that country's successes, our city as a whole inevitably ends up poorer for it.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 03, 2016 in Special Report: Transit (88 comments)

Unintended Consequences of Mandatory Charging for Domestic Abuse
Domestic violence is not as straightforward as the statistics lead you to believe, especially when abusive men manipulate a variety of systems put in place to safeguard their victims.
by Doreen Nicoll
Published February 03, 2016 in Healing Gaia (3 comments)

Easy Design for a Jolley Cut Cycle Track
By making use of the informal trail east of St. Joseph's Drive, we can add a new cycle track that enables lots of rich connections without taking away driving lanes.
by Jason Leach
Published February 01, 2016 in Special Report: Cycling (35 comments)

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