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Justice for Indigenous Peoples is Long Overdue
It is past time for settlers in Canada to begin to reckon with the genocidal legacy of colonial oppression.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 30, 2021 in Commentary (0 comments)

Urban Renewal, Then and Now: LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis, Part 2
Almost nobody but tenants in rental housing and the homeless in their camps actually feels the need for their right to housing to be met - affordable, secure, adequately sized and located housing, that is.
by Shawn Selway
Published March 06, 2020 in Commentary (0 comments)

Time to Turn? LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis, Part 1
Municipal strategies which exacerbate the housing affordability problem today look less like indifference and more like active hostility, as pointless as it is cruel.
by Shawn Selway
Published March 05, 2020 in Commentary (0 comments)

Making Light of Service Animals Hurts People Who Really Need Accommodations
Mayor Eisenberger needs to lead in a way in which he considers how his actions affect Hamiltonians, not just his own interests.
by Carolyn Boutin
Published January 14, 2020 in Commentary (0 comments)

City Proposal to Restart Anti-Racism Centre Ignores Racialized Voices
There are many different, difficult conversations to have about racism in our city. We shouldn't be prepared to avoid these difficult conversations by shunting them into the bureaucracy of a City department.
by Anthony Marco
Published December 09, 2019 in Commentary (0 comments)

Hamilton's Secret Council and the Financial Penalties for Speaking Out
The new councillors elected for the first time in October 2018 have spent the last year fighting for change against an old guard that continues to dig its heels in just to make a point.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published November 24, 2019 in Commentary (2 comments)

City of Burlington Shares Options for Official Plan Review
Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECoB) co-chair Roland Tanner gives his impression of the OP Review options and the engagement the city is undertaking.
by Roland Tanner
Published October 29, 2019 in Commentary (0 comments)

Remembering the Legacy of Hate as Council Considers Partnering With a Homophobic Political Action Committee
This is a day to call to account those councillors who are pretending to forget the existence of the harm and hatefulness which the rest of us are trying to put well and truly and finally behind us.
by Shawn Selway
Published September 25, 2019 in Commentary (2 comments)

Safe, Welcoming Space at Neighbour to Neighbour
If you're looking to be an ally to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, supporting the work of Neighbour to Neighbour may be a good place to start.
by Jason Allen
Published July 19, 2019 in Commentary (6 comments)

Hamilton Stands for Inclusivity
We call on the City of Hamilton to implement a zero-tolerance policy towards the extremist actions of hate groups.
by Hugh Tye
Published June 19, 2019 in Commentary (4 comments)

Don't Close Wesley Day Centre
For people who have gone through their lives falling through the cracks and feeling they are being swept aside, the closure of the Wesley Day Centre sends yet another message that their lives don't matter.
by Jill Wiwcharuk
Published June 17, 2019 in Commentary (3 comments)

What Bodily Autonomy Means
The fight for bodily autonomy must be all-inclusive. If your fight for human rights is not universal, it is self serving and it allows unjust harm onto vulnerable and marginalized peoples.
by Shahzi Bokhari
Published May 29, 2019 in Commentary (3 comments)

A Guide to Menstruation for the Uncomfortable
A person's ability to be prepared for anything, even something as ubiquitous as a woman's cycle, is predicated entirely on having a stable place to live and a decent income.
by Lonita Fraser
Published May 19, 2019 in Commentary (1 comment)

Barton Neighbourhood is Diverse and Vibrant
Residents living in Barton Street neighbourhoods are already familiar with the opinions and prejudices of people living elsewhere in the city.
by Christine Nicole
Published April 23, 2019 in Commentary (1 comment)

Representation, Policing and Lived Experience
If we want to stop reinforcing oppressive systems in the City of Hamilton that continually bar access to members of marginalized communities, we need to seriously rethink how our Municipal Government makes these kinds of decisions.
by Lyla Miklos
Published April 22, 2019 in Commentary (1 comment)

My Experience with Ontario's Basic Income Pilot
Having a Basic Income helped me transition into a far more meaningful and fulfilling field of work. This is a massive opportunity that something like BI could provide for all citizens.
by James Collura
Published April 09, 2019 in Commentary (0 comments)

The people at McMaster Children's Hospital are saving one child at a time and we don't know what the impacts will be. Lilly might save the world.
by Kevin Somers
Published March 05, 2019 in Commentary (1 comment)

Reactionary Councillors Block Electoral Reform Effort ... Again
This month, Hamilton could have taken the first step toward making Election Reform a reality in Hamilton. It didn't. Here's why.
by Nick Tsergas
Published February 18, 2019 in Commentary (2 comments)

We Deserve to Know the Truth About the Buried Red Hill Parkway Report
A consultant report finding that the pavement is too slippery was buried for five years before staff revealed it yesterday.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 07, 2019 in Commentary (3 comments)

Partridge has Blocked at least 32 People on Twitter
The Waterdown Councillor told the Hamilton Spectator she has only blocked 'around ten' people.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 16, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

Basic Income Cancellation is Both Cruel and Irrational
Premier Ford says the way out of poverty is "something called a job", but 70 percent of Basic Income participants already had jobs and were still living in poverty.
by Tom Cooper
Published October 29, 2018 in Commentary (1 comment)

A Closer Look at the Jamesville Redevelopment Plan
Are we, Hamiltonians, the owners of these properties, okay with this outcome, even with a National Housing Strategy that promises (but has not yet delivered many) more federal dollars for affordable housing?
by Rob Fiedler and Shawn Selway
Published October 15, 2018 in Commentary (1 comment)

Murray and Som: Real Estate Income Trust 'Repositioning' vs. Fair and Affordable Housing
Vows of commitment to some vague proposal for new affordable housing ring very hollow while the mechanism described below is allowed to go on eliminating what remains of affordability for lower-income earners in the GTHA and across the province.
by Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network
Published September 11, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

Neil Young's Words More Relevant than Ever
Young was writing about then-President Richard Nixon, but his words continue to resonate in our Trumpian world.
by Grant Ranalli
Published August 16, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

Killing Basic Income Pilot Betrays Ontario's Most Vulnerable Residents
While basic income recipients still have to meet their fiduciary, legal and ethical responsibilities incurred by the three-year offer they acted on, the government has decided to act in bad faith.
by Laura Cattari
Published August 09, 2018 in Commentary (1 comment)

Forensic Psychiatric Patients and the Politics of Fear
The west mountain councillor's fear-mongering about psychiatric patients is undoing years of work to de-stigmatize people living with mental health concerns.
by Deborah Grace
Published July 19, 2018 in Commentary (1 comment)

Going Down the Drano: Crystal Methamphetamine Edges Out Crack Cocaine
Made from products you can find under your kitchen sink, Crystal has a long high and provokes sudden and violent mood swings.
by William Guyatt
Published July 11, 2018 in Commentary (2 comments)

Canada's Food Security is Vulnerable to American Political Chaos
The United States has an erratic, abusive President. Can anyone say with confidence that he would not threaten food exports to Canada in order to get his way?
by Karen Burson
Published June 20, 2018 in Commentary (1 comment)

Canada Could be the First Country to Eliminate Poverty
A guaranteed basic income could be a pathway to eliminate poverty in Canada.
by Nicole Smith
Published May 29, 2018 in Commentary (3 comments)

An Important Anniversary for Human Rights in Ontario
The approach of the anniversary of the Ontario Human Rights Code presents opportunities to better understand fundamental rights and responsibilities.
by Jonathan Lambert
Published May 22, 2018 in Commentary (4 comments)

Much a-Dough about Nothing? Donuts, Gentrification and the Loss of the Commons in Hamilton
The recent vandalism on Locke Street, and the responses to it, are symptoms of the loss spaces and relationships that are not governed by market logics and gentrification.
by Simon Orpana
Published May 01, 2018 in Commentary (2 comments)

Local Commercial Spaces as Public Goods
If we want urban neighbourhoods to sustain commercial spaces that are also public goods, we need to explore quiet, incremental strategies for creative local reform without relying on either provincial or federal funding or hopes for a radical revolution.
by Loren King
Published April 04, 2018 in Commentary (2 comments)

For Mental Illness, Moving From Fear to Empathy to Action
Simply talking about mental illness online is not enough. We need mental health investment, engagement and education so we are empowered to provide help when someone is in distress.
by Alex Bishop
Published March 24, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

Subject to a 'Minor Variance': Another wasted opportunity
Receiving a notice about a minor variance quickly turned from curiosity to mobilization, and it's a lesson in civic engagement that we won't soon forget.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published March 09, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

A Kirkendall Resident Responds to the Rioters
Like any city, Hamilton has neighbourhoods that need some extra love, but it doesn't mean they should have to stay that way.
by Kirkendall Resident
Published March 09, 2018 in Commentary (14 comments)

The Tower Has Finally Issued a Statement and It's Problematic
It's easier to throw a rock through a window and feel pleased with yourself for a few minutes than it is to work toward building a better world.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 07, 2018 in Commentary (15 comments)

Standing in Solidarity Against Violence
The vandals threw rocks at people. It is only through luck that no one was hurt by flying glass.
by Kevin Love
Published March 07, 2018 in Commentary (1 comment)

After Locke, Reckoning with the Slow Crisis of Inequality and Marginalization
Do we care as much about injured, marginalized and displaced people as we care about damaged property?
by David Crosbie
Published March 06, 2018 in Commentary (18 comments)

Breaking Down Barriers to Good Food for Newcomers
By recruiting more volunteers with a diversity of language and cultural skills, we hope to help other families who are new to Canada find services and connect with their community.
by Erika Parente
Published February 02, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

Loblaws 'Gift' Card Paltry Compensation for Years of Price-Gouging
When billionaires hurt poor families, none of them ever pay a meaningful cost.
by Michael Nabert
Published January 30, 2018 in Commentary (0 comments)

Social Media is Destroying Democracy
I used to think better communications technology would help more people to understand and support principled activism. A year on Facebook has taught me better.
by Alice Smith
Published January 26, 2018 in Commentary (5 comments)

The Privatization of Beauty in City Building
People are drawn to beauty, even in the harshest of places. And when we are drawn to beauty we are drawn to each other.
by Maureen Wilson
Published January 19, 2018 in Commentary (4 comments)

Behind Closed Doors: Hamilton Continues to Hold Questionable Secret Votes
It is hard to understand how - and even whether - representative democracy is served when Council casts votes in secret meetings that are not recorded.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published December 15, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

I'll Take Words and Phrases for 800
I'm going to stop you right there and clean up your literary wheelhouse so you can get out of the weeds - those tired phrases are done like dinner.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published December 12, 2017 in Commentary (2 comments)

'The Law Has Made Him Equal, but Man Has Not'
When the arc of justice bends ever so slightly in the right direction, those with power position themselves as victims, struggling to keep up with the politically correct zealotry of the 'advocates'.
by Maureen Wilson
Published December 07, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

Subject to a 'Minor Variance': Your Delegation Has Been Received
If residents don't know enough about the City's planning process, it's because Council isn't interested in changing these processes to make them more accessible to everyone.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published November 27, 2017 in Commentary (2 comments)

What's in a Name: Buildings
Most cities have a difficult time with changing the names of their civic amenities.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published October 10, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

Enbridge Case Against Todd Williams Obscures Deeper Legal Principles
For true justice, we need deep structural change so that such issues can be resolved for the benefit of courageous land and water defenders and the affected community at risk, not for the profit margin of rich corporations.
by Mary Love
Published October 06, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Politicians Blocking Engaged Citizens on Social Media is Still Censorship
While the medium may have changed, the intent has not. The landscape of time is riddled with the efforts of the few trying to block the freedom of the many.
by Maureen Wilson
Published October 06, 2017 in Commentary (2 comments)

Subject to a 'Minor Variance': Hamilton's Broken Site Plan Approval Process
We're going to be asking the Planning Committee to look seriously at the processes used for approving projects of this scale and we're going to be asking them to recommend that Council make some meaningful changes and put them in writing.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published October 06, 2017 in Commentary (17 comments)

The New Perils of Crossing the Border
America, you've allowed the worst parts of yourself to succumb to fear, division, bigotry and hate.
by Liberty Laine
Published October 05, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

The Shame and Blame Game
Instead of critiquing a father's decision to let his kids use public transit, we should be talking about the critical importance of public space and social connectedness.
by Maureen Wilson
Published September 07, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Saying Goodbye to the Conservative Party of Canada
The Conservative Party of Canada in 2017 is appealing to the worst parts of our nature, with no actual conservatism.
by John Neary
Published September 07, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

A Better Way to Remember History's Oppressors
Public historical monuments are important. They can and should be powerful tools to help us remember and contextualize our shared history. But they should be unambiguous about refusing to celebrate the bad men of history.
by Tom Shea
Published August 21, 2017 in Commentary (2 comments)

Festival of Friends: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Updated
Overall, it was a huge success to have the Festival back in Gage Park, but a few issues represent opportunities for improvement next year.
by Ryan Barath
Published August 09, 2017 in Commentary (6 comments)

Hamilton's Core is Ground Zero for Change
This city is constantly evolving and with so many more opportunities for growth, the potential for local residents to find meaningful employment will continue to grow with it.
by Ryan Barath
Published July 31, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

Can You Close Down City Hall?
Could we see authorities and responsibilities stripped away from municipal governments due to ineffectiveness? That's certainly possible, although it's difficult to make any predictions. But heck, let's speculate.
by Mark Robbins
Published July 27, 2017 in Commentary (11 comments)

Dear Drivers of Hamilton
Sometimes turning an argument upside-down helps to demonstrate how silly it is.
by Frances Murray
Published July 24, 2017 in Commentary (5 comments)

Reflections on 'Coming To Hamilton'
Hamilton can be the city that leads the way in recognizing the employment opportunities for immigrants from across the globe, as we have done in the past.
by Daniel Hyams
Published July 03, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

'Taxation is Theft' is Painfully Simplistic
Taxation is only theft if you're really sure that your life would be better in a place that didn't have all the services you rely on that taxes collectively pay for.
by Michael Nabert
Published June 29, 2017 in Commentary (8 comments)

Storm Water Ponds Support Local Bird Life
Storm water ponds are home to a chorus of peepers and frogs, silent snakes, salamanders and many different species of bird.
by Timothy R. Trebilcock
Published June 27, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

It Takes a Village to Raise a Garden
This year is only the beginning of what might become another urban farm within the Hamilton landscape.
by Karl Andrus
Published June 26, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Meet Me at the Bell Tower
Michael Redhead Champagne shares a model of engagement and sharing that understands the need for empowerment through belonging, inclusion and mutual respect.
by Laura Farr
Published June 21, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

It's Not Just About How Much the Rings Cost
For far too long we've allowed toxic masculinity to persist at the expense of women and members of the queer community. The symbol of power that these rings hold and the pervasiveness of that power continues to go unchecked.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published June 06, 2017 in Commentary (22 comments)

Minimum Wage Increase a Modest But Welcome Policy Change
Don't let the naysayers and dogmatic opponents of fair labour policy bury this opportunity in fearmongering and overly simplistic claims about "basic economics" or "common sense".
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 31, 2017 in Commentary (6 comments)

As in other places I've visited, I am given a temporary pass because of my status as an outsider.
by Timothy R. Trebilcock
Published May 23, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

End the Vacant Unit Tax Rebate
The purported benefit of vacancy tax breaks for businesses is a mirage, but the harms to residents, homeowners, and legitimate businesses are very real.
by John Neary
Published May 11, 2017 in Commentary (6 comments)

For The Record: A Hamilton Councillor Replies to a Waterloo Columnist
Ward 3 Councillor Green responds to Waterloo Record columnist Luisa D'Amato, who took issued with a Hamilton Councillor's characterization of Waterloo's LRT system.
by Matthew Green
Published May 01, 2017 in Commentary (4 comments)

Hamilton Has a Political Communications Problem
Hamilton has a hard time with large civic projects. A major part of the problem is the city’s inability to manage political communications.
by Andrew Richardson
Published April 26, 2017 in Commentary (2 comments)

Podcast: Fast Forward Hamilton Waterfront
The city's reanimated shoreline has become one of the key attractions of the new Hamilton. But the process is not over and there are vexing questions about what the future will bring.
by Stephen Dale
Published April 26, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

Restoring the Rules of Order in a Time of Procedural Chaos
At the literal end of the day, we cannot expect beleaguered and exhausted councillors who have been put through marathon meetings, week after week, to have the ability to work together and to make good, clear, and effective decisions.
by Cameron Kroetsch
Published April 25, 2017 in Commentary (7 comments)

From Outsider to Insider: A Dynamic Perspective on Hamilton
Hamilton defies the negative outsider stereotypes about it with a dynamic arts and cultural scene and a rapidly reviving urban core.
by Nada Bunjevac
Published April 13, 2017 in Commentary (2 comments)

At Least My Councillor Home-Delivers Blue Bins
If you had to complain to the manager every time you tried to buy a cup of coffee, you would conclude that the restaurant was not very well managed.
by Joey Coleman
Published April 10, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

More Work Needed to Include Women in Community Leadership
There is still work to do to ensure that women are fairly and equally represented in senior leadership positions in Hamilton.
by Korry Garvey
Published April 06, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

About That 'There Is Only One Taxpayer' Line
The number of taxpayers depends on which level of government is spending the money, and that makes a big difference in how much a given project will cost you.
by Ryan McGreal
Published April 05, 2017 in Commentary (5 comments)

My Year of Living Spiritually
One in five Canadians considers themselves "spiritual but not religious" (SBNR) and these folks are hungry for experiences that bring a greater sense of meaning and connection to their lives.
by Anne Bokma
Published April 03, 2017 in Commentary (2 comments)

Podcast: Art, Anguish and Real Estate
Ruminations from the rust-belt revival in Canada's Steel Town on whether artists are the "foot-soldiers of gentrification".
by Stephen Dale
Published March 13, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Lunchgate: The Small Fry Scandal
Giving council the time off to go buy their own lunches would actually cost the city more than the current practice of paying for lunch and forgoing the break.
by Mark Robbins
Published March 13, 2017 in Commentary (10 comments)

Wasted Electricity Generating Potential in Brantford
When private companies own Grand River water rights, these tend to be used for electrical generation. Publicly owned water rights should also be used.
by Kevin Love
Published March 06, 2017 in Commentary (4 comments)

Hydro Rate Cut a Missed Opportunity for Grown-Up Policy Discussion
Electricity pricing has become yet another wedge to drive between different parts of the province while the economic system that leaves so many people vulnerable to rising electricity prices in the first place persists mostly unchallenged.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 02, 2017 in Commentary (7 comments)

Asking the Right Questions About Hamilton's 2016 Census Data
What we really need is some leadership to address whether intensification in Hamilton will include in its mix affordable units and housing suitable for families.
by Rob Fiedler
Published February 14, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Renters Also Have a Right to Democratic Representation
The idea that a voice in the affairs of the community is the exclusive domain of the landed gentry is archaic, offensive and undemocratic.
by Rich Gelder
Published February 06, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Planning Committee Capitulates to NIMBY Classism, Rejects Stoney Creek Apartment Building
The expressed fears, in addition to hand-waving about traffic and the sewer system, centre on low income families, criminal activity, "illegal dumping" and declining property values.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 31, 2017 in Commentary (6 comments)

Thoughts on Libraries and Mental Health
Libraries are more just than a repository for information. They are a centre of our communities and a safe, inclusive space for everyone.
by Craig Burley
Published January 31, 2017 in Commentary (0 comments)

Reflections on The Women's March on Washington
The WMW made a powerful statement, but it is only the beginning.
by Sarah V. Wayland
Published January 27, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

A Library Patron Explains its Relevance
Without computers at the library and access to knowledge, I would never have made it to university.
by Joey Coleman
Published January 25, 2017 in Commentary (3 comments)

Annotated Transcript of Skelly's Library Budget Comments
The Councillor only formally stated her opposition to an increase in the budget, but her full remarks strongly implied that she thinks the budget is too high and the library services are no longer relevant.
by Ryan McGreal
Published January 25, 2017 in Commentary (4 comments)

Trying Not to Think of a Hamilton Elephant
I'm going to try my damnedest to think and speak in a set of frames that describe not what irks or angers me, but rather describes the city, province, and country I want to be a part of.
by Michael Borrelli
Published January 24, 2017 in Commentary (1 comment)

Visual Learning Helps Students with Autism
A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps in the future, there will be enough of the autistic population or others with alternative learning abilities to support whole schools using visual learning strategies.
by Debra Hughes
Published December 02, 2016 in Commentary (1 comment)

Hamilton: A City Divided
Hamilton may never achieve the neat and tidy civic consensus of a place like Ottawa, but this does not excuse the rabble and disunity at the leadership level.
by Mark Robbins
Published November 04, 2016 in Commentary (25 comments)

Hamilton MPP Presents Bill 6
This proposed legislation would depoliticize the process of establishing social assistance rates in Ontario in order to reflect the actual cost of living.
by Brittany Horodecki
Published October 04, 2016 in Commentary (0 comments)

New Urgency Needed to Lead Regional Change
The Province needs a new 'Greenbelt Moment' in which it commits to implementing its regional growth plan with the urgency needed to achieve real progress.
by Richard Joy
Published September 07, 2016 in Commentary (7 comments)

Cappucino Planning and the Face of Public Space
We need to ensure that our public spaces are conducive and welcoming to the greatest number of citizens from across the demographic and economic spectrum.
by Maureen Wilson
Published August 18, 2016 in Commentary (8 comments)

Getting to Turnover in Renaissance City, Part 3
Tn the case of securitized cash flow from Hamilton high-rises, the combination of market forces and regulations seems to work against the upkeep of buildings.
by Shawn Selway
Published August 17, 2016 in Commentary (0 comments)

Getting to Turnover in Renaissance City, Part 2
Round two at the Landloard and Tenant Board unfolded much as the morning session had, except that everything was a touch sharper, a little more intense.
by Shawn Selway
Published August 16, 2016 in Commentary (0 comments)

Getting to Turnover in Renaissance City, Part 1
Multi-residential ownership in the metropolitan south can be a hedge against losses consequent on the ebb of work from the northern resource centres.
by Shawn Selway
Published August 15, 2016 in Commentary (0 comments)

Canada Post Corporation's Manufactured Crisis
The Corporation is threatening to lock its union workers out over declining volumes of mail and parcels that are the direct result of its threat to lock the workers out.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 07, 2016 in Commentary (14 comments)

Hamilton Deserves Better than Whitehead's Constant Spiteful Posturing
Councillor Whitehead compared moving administrative jobs to "raping" his community, then sort-of apologized, then retracted his apology.
by Ryan McGreal
Published July 05, 2016 in Commentary (33 comments)

A Short History of St. John and St. Andrew Presbyterian Churches
The stories of St. John and St. Andrew Presbyterian churches in central-east Hamilton are deeply intertwined, going back to the early history of Hamilton, even though the two congregations didn't formally amalgamate until 1984.
by Joachim Brouwer
Published July 04, 2016 in Commentary (0 comments)

West Harbour GO Schedule Change Will Hurt Ridership
Service levels matter, and so long as GO Transit insists on running only two poorly-timed trains a day to/from the station on inconvenient schedules, we are bound to see more images of a barren station.
by Michael Borrelli
Published June 24, 2016 in Commentary (22 comments)

A Tour of Indwell's Rudy Hulst Commons
Affordable housing is a hot topic in Hamilton right now. Indwell's new project proves it can be built affordably and to a high standard.
by Graham Crawford
Published June 22, 2016 in Commentary (7 comments)

Go Explore Hamilton's Trails
Far too few Hamiltonians take full advantage of the Niagara Escarpment, which winds through Hamilton along its meandering course across the landscape and provides a rich marbling of forest paths.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 16, 2016 in Commentary (5 comments)

Hamilton Needs Fair Pricing for Stormwater Management
It's time for Hamilton to take a serious look at changing its unfair funding system for stormwater runoff management.
by Ian Borsuk
Published June 08, 2016 in Commentary (5 comments)

How Payday Lenders Trap Borrowers in Cycle of Debt
The problem lies in predatory behaviour which would be absolutely condemned, at least publicly, by the head offices of these outfits but in fact are reinforced in the form of pay raises, bonuses and promotions.
by RTH Staff
Published May 20, 2016 in Commentary (7 comments)

Challenging Some Urban and Suburban Myths
Let's continue to call out leaders out on their divisiveness politicking, but in such as a fashion that we're not making disparaging comments towards each other in the process.
by Viv Saunders
Published May 17, 2016 in Commentary (14 comments)

Toward an Affordable Housing Solution for Hamilton
After years of inadequate action on affordable housing, it will take time to move forward and see the real impact of recent announcements.
by Greg Tedesco
Published April 19, 2016 in Commentary (25 comments)

Improve Wentworth Street with a Cycle Track
A much better option than two-way conversion would be to create a protected bike route along Wentworth Street from the Escarpment to Burlington Street, similar to the one existing on Cannon Street.
by Jonathon David White
Published April 11, 2016 in Commentary (13 comments)

A Walk In The Neigbourhood
Is this our fate, to live in our own closed universes where our needs and wants take precedence over the most pressing of issues?
by Lorne Warwick
Published March 13, 2016 in Commentary (2 comments)

Time to Retire Special Infrastructure Levy?
The levy seemed like a fair compromise and an equitable resolution to the difficult task of harmonizing tax rates for area-rated services.
by Viv Saunders
Published March 11, 2016 in Commentary (21 comments)

New Food Desert Opening in East Hamilton
The irony is that Loblaw is making this short-sighted move at a time when the hot housing market is moving into the eastern portion of Hamilton's lower city.
by Paul Weinberg
Published March 08, 2016 in Commentary (20 comments)

City Should Consider Getting Out of Golf Business
As city after city regularly confronts their lethargic, money-losing golf courses, the debate always focuses on how to improve them, rather than whether they still serve a purpose.
by Zachary Spicer
Published March 03, 2016 in Commentary (42 comments)

Deficit of Ideas in Hamilton's Civic Governance
In the case of our crumbling public housing, budgeting has become a matter of choosing which deficit to grow. This is a political choice.
by Shawn Selway
Published March 02, 2016 in Commentary (8 comments)

West Harbour Redevelopment Must Be Inclusive
We need to make sure that Hamilton's revival has long-term positive outcomes for all residents. The West Harbour has to include a maximized social benefit rather than a maximized private profit.
by Matt Jelly
Published March 01, 2016 in Commentary (26 comments)

A Community Perspective on Citizen Involvement in City Planning
Never doubt that you can make a difference, even if you seldom hear the stories of regular citizens getting organized and standing up to powerful interests.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 01, 2016 in Commentary (7 comments)

Transportation Alternatives Key to Attracting Knowledge Workers
If we want our economic development to thrive, we need to change our attitudes fast and accept that the future of our workforce needs alternative methods of transportation.
by Meg Smith
Published March 01, 2016 in Commentary (14 comments)

No More Oil Industry Subsidies
I wonder how much no-emission, renewable energy infrastructure could be built for $88 Billion US?
by Jim Sweetman
Published February 11, 2016 in Commentary (36 comments)

End or Rebirth for Stelco's Remaining Steelworkers
One possible solution for US Steel Canada's operations is a government-supported worker buyout of the company, but currently there appears to be no political appetite.
by Paul Weinberg
Published January 07, 2016 in Commentary (8 comments)

Hamilton: Hard to Love and Even Harder to Leave
Community comes from the ability of each person to develop, change, and affect the areas in which we live. I have never felt like my actions and opinions have carried so much weight in one place until I moved to Hamilton.
by Ryan McInally
Published January 06, 2016 in Commentary (55 comments)

Open Letter to Council to Support Good Shepherd Notre Dame Community Resource Centre
By failing to fund this prevention program, much of the fallout will simply default to levy funded services such as Police and Emergency Services as well as impact the Ontario Works case load as youth spend a longer time in the system.
by Brother Richard MacPhee
Published December 10, 2015 in Commentary (3 comments)

Corporations Behaving Badly
Maybe society would be better off if governments spent money directly on benefits to people rather than channelling the aid through corporate incentives and subsidies.
by Jim Sweetman
Published November 25, 2015 in Commentary (1 comment)

Senseless Traffic Deaths are Heartbreaking, But There is Hope
Human error currently accounts for 90 percent of road "accidents". Imagine the benefits of removing humans from the driving equation altogether!
by Matt Pinder
Published October 29, 2015 in Commentary (30 comments)

Dog Owners of Hamilton: Please Pick Up That Poop
Few things ruin a family morning out at the park like having to walk home to wash dog poop off of your entire family.
by Victor North
Published October 29, 2015 in Commentary (15 comments)

Inclusive Cities: A Tale of Two Revitalization Projects
Vancouver's Woodward's Project incorporates mixed-income housing whereas Hamilton's Royal Connaught does not.
by Ulduz Maschaykh
Published October 27, 2015 in Commentary (13 comments)

Future Burn at Our Future Hamilton Event
In some ways, the future is already here, but Hamilton needs to get a lot better at distributing it more evenly across our various neighbourhoods and communities.
by James Arlen
Published September 20, 2015 in Commentary (11 comments)

Toward Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
The Declaration outlines best practices that nation-states ought to implement, enshrines the right of Indigenous peoples to be different, and affirms minimum standards for the survival, dignity, security and well-being of Indigenous people world-wide.
by Jonathan Lambert
Published September 02, 2015 in Commentary (2 comments)

On Measuring What We Value
We need to ensure that planning decisions are based on more than just economics. The social and environmental aspects must have equal weight in the decision matrix.
by George Sweetman
Published August 20, 2015 in Commentary (2 comments)

Facilitating Urban Agriculture with 'Tactical' Policy Changes
Citizens and organizations are making Hamilton a model for how rural and urban can work together as part of a sustainable food system.
by Jason Thorne
Published August 18, 2015 in Commentary (10 comments)

A Narrow Focus Leads to Wide Streets
If we are to move forward in Hamilton and make real change, we must be willing to address our specific concerns in the broader context of a liveable city.
by George Sweetman
Published July 27, 2015 in Commentary (39 comments)

City to Release Video of Ferguson-Coleman Incident
The City of Hamilton security video recording of the February 26, 2014 incident between Councillor Lloyd Ferguson and Joey Coleman is to be made public on July 29, 2015.
by Joey Coleman
Published July 07, 2015 in Commentary (0 comments)

Deconstructing the Latest Anti-Development Argument
Change is frightening, but the redevelopment of downtown Hamilton after decades of neglect is helping to improve the health, safety, culture and spirit of Hamilton.
by Lucas Mascotto-Carbone
Published July 06, 2015 in Commentary (42 comments)

Mid-Sized Infill Adds Community Value Without Negative Impacts
Increased density, walkability and vibrant infill are exactly what they're asking for from new developments. Why not consistently model that priority in the City's own projects and speed up the process for compliant applicants citywide?
by Toby Yull
Published June 17, 2015 in Commentary (16 comments)

Convert Chedoke into a Tube Park
Chedoke Golf Course should be developed into a proper year-round tubing park and zip line.
by Simon Carroll
Published June 17, 2015 in Commentary (18 comments)

The Greenbelt Brings Ontarians Together
From economic, recreational, complete communities and diverse rural areas, the Greenbelt can extend in governance how we develop and engage our local communities.
by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko
Published April 15, 2015 in Commentary (2 comments)

Ward Boundary Reform: A Timely (if whimsical) Fable
In which the residents of Rancouria learn that they must be the change they wish to see.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published April 13, 2015 in Commentary (1 comment)

Growth, Smart Growth, and Not-so-Smart Growth on James Street North
Approval of the proposed condo tower on the Tivoli site will set a precedent which will significantly change the character and future development of James Street North.
by Herman Turkstra
Published March 30, 2015 in Commentary (69 comments)

Beasley Neighbourhood Association's Official Position on Tivoli Condominiums
We encourage the redevelopment of vacant lots and surface parking, but any proposed tall buildings should be designed and massed to make a positive contribution to the public realm and fit harmoniously with the surrounding context and skyline.
by Allison Chewter
Published March 30, 2015 in Commentary (96 comments)

What I learned in Europe
My trip to Europe has increased my resolve to make a difference in the promotion of transit, bikes and busses right here at home.
by Rich Gelder
Published March 25, 2015 in Commentary (31 comments)

Is Affordable Housing a Priority for the Broader Hamilton Community: One Year Later
The benefits of universal access to safe, affordable and appropriate housing remain clear to individuals, communities and the entire city.
by Greg Tedesco
Published March 19, 2015 in Commentary (3 comments)

Judge's Headscarf Decision Does Not Reflect Canadian Values
I could not believe that in a country with our advanced Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a local judge can use their position to make such a foul statement to the world.
by Jeff Reid
Published March 03, 2015 in Commentary (5 comments)

Intensive Behavioural Intervention Therapy and Errorless Learning
Errorless teaching is a great way to improve a child's confidence. I would recommend the training in teacher's college and that it be used by supply EAs and EAs in one-on-one placements.
by Debra Hughes
Published March 02, 2015 in Commentary (0 comments)

EA Shortage Shortchanges Students with Special Needs
Students with an identified need for an individualized education plan are missing out on the education they deserve due to a lack of Educational Assistant resources.
by Debra Hughes
Published February 26, 2015 in Commentary (1 comment)

How to Define Hamilton's Neighbourhood Boundaries and Localisms: East, West, North, South, Upper and Lower
With Hamilton being a large and growing amalgamated city, the terminology used to describe its various neighbourhoods and areas is being forced to change.
by Joey Coleman
Published February 16, 2015 in Commentary (22 comments)

Three Solitudes: Canada and Macdonald's Legacy
Far from being the country that Sir John A. Macdonald founded, Canada is in many ways just the country he explicitly did not want.
by Shawn Selway
Published February 04, 2015 in Commentary (12 comments)

City Councillors: Think Like a Mayor
I would hope every city councillor has at least an inkling of ambition to be mayor of the whole city. With that ambition in mind, now is the time to practice having a city-wide focus.
by Frances Murray
Published January 30, 2015 in Commentary (23 comments)

Protecting Pollinator Health in Ontario: Neonicotinoids and Bee Deaths
Ontarians have good reason to be concerned over the increasing number of bee deaths and the overall decrease in numbers of our native pollinators - deaths linked to the use of neonicotinoids (NNI), a relatively new class of systemic pesticides.
by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko
Published January 28, 2015 in Commentary (16 comments)

City Hall Needs 'Compensation' for Making a Downtown Street Vibrant: The Latest in Red Tape
It's time for Council to send a strong message that cubicle thinking is no longer City Hall thinkingby removing these absurd "compensation" fees.
by Joey Coleman
Published January 12, 2015 in Commentary (2 comments)

More on the Infamous Hamilton Tobogganing Bylaw
Despite the public outrage at City policymakers, this is an uphill battle for them no matter which way they turn.
by Zachary Strong
Published January 08, 2015 in Commentary (11 comments)

Swan Song for a Raccoon on York Boulevard
My run through the city, a scared rodent, and a four-lane highway procured a story and (perhaps) an opportunity for reflection.
by Ryan Janssen
Published December 31, 2014 in Commentary (4 comments)

NuSteel and NuDeal Re-Engage Students
These programs teach youth practical, transferable skills, often resulting in economic opportunity, but they also serve as a school re-engagement program.
by Kelly Hilton
Published December 11, 2014 in Commentary (0 comments)

Time to Commemorate Irish Cholera Victims
Hundreds of Irish cholera victims lie forgotten and unremarked in a mass grave in Burlington Heights.
by Robin De Danann
Published December 11, 2014 in Commentary (6 comments)

A 'No Broken Windows' Policy for Urban Revitalization
Raising minimum standards of external building quality in designated revitalization corridors will help to improve the appeal of the overall streetscape and reinforce the investments made by others.
by Chris Higgins
Published December 04, 2014 in Commentary (25 comments)

A Preference is Not a Bias
It is not journalistic bias for a journalist to have a considered preference. It is only journalistic bias to allow one's preference to distort one's presentation of the facts.
by Jeremy Wilkins
Published October 28, 2014 in Commentary (5 comments)

Area Rating: A Satire
In which Jeremy reflects on the wonders of inner city living, one-way streets, timed lights, transit, and the imagination of Brad Clark.
by Jeremy Wilkins
Published October 20, 2014 in Commentary (14 comments)

Substantial Changes to 220 Dundurn South Plan
Construction could begin as soon as late October for this controversial landmark on Dundurn Street South.
by Jason Allen
Published September 16, 2014 in Commentary (15 comments)

Routing Changes to Locke, York Buses Canceled
When we take modest steps toward a more connected system now, we should remember that the ways we do that will serve as models for even bigger changes in the future.
by Stephen Barath
Published June 24, 2014 in Commentary (27 comments)

Ticats Highway Sign Could See Overthrow of City-Wide Sign Bylaw
The Ticats sign could be an opportunity for a gateway promoting Hamilton, but is it worth the consequences?
by Joey Coleman
Published June 23, 2014 in Commentary (21 comments)

The Blob Box Hits a Snag
While it's disappointing that this setback will likely have an impact on the project timeline, the Hamilton/Burlington community is used to being patient with the complex Randle Reef process.
by Scott Koblyk
Published June 18, 2014 in Commentary (4 comments)

Hamilton Using Federal Sustainability Fund for Road Construction
Hamilton 350 Committee was surprised that there would be a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the asphalting, cement consumption and other aspects of the reconstruction of roads and bridges.
by Hamilton 350
Published June 03, 2014 in Commentary (7 comments)

Unnecessary Parking Requirements Hurt Small Business Development
A new cafe had to remove its tables and chairs before opening because the City determined it did not have enough parking.
by Jessica Ramsay
Published May 07, 2014 in Commentary (23 comments)

Hamilton's Fractured Political Discourse
There is something to be said about the frivolity of our current mode of conflict resolution, just as there is something to be said about developing new strategies to approach divisive issues.
by Ryan Janssen
Published May 06, 2014 in Commentary (4 comments)

Reporters Barred from Electronic Recording at Committee Meeting
If you look at the agenda's requirement that no cell phones, pagers or Blackberry devices be in the room, it shows someone with one foot firmly in the past and the other foot firmly in their mouth.
by James Arlen
Published May 05, 2014 in Commentary (6 comments)

Remembering the Armenian Genocide
The Armenian Genocide, also known as Medz Yeghern, is among the most tragic events of the last century.
by Jonathan Lambert
Published April 28, 2014 in Commentary (2 comments)

Fair Elections Act Disenfranchises Vulnerable Voters
Bill C-23, the so-called Fair Elections Act, changes many rules around voting to make it much more difficult for potential voters to cast ballots.
by Laura Cattari
Published April 22, 2014 in Commentary (12 comments)

Hands on Learning in the Hamilton Victory Gardens
The Hamilton Victory Gardens don't just grow food - they grow skills and they grow dreams.
by Ashleigh Patterson
Published April 16, 2014 in Commentary (1 comment)

Is Affordable Housing a Priority for the Broader Hamilton Community?
In acknowledging that "place matters', we must continue to explore innovative ways to ensure that everyone has options and opportunity to attain suitable and affordable housing.
by Greg Tedesco
Published March 26, 2014 in Commentary (12 comments)

Why Doesn't the CFIB Support Me?
If the Canadian Federation of Independent Business's lobbying efforts were fully successful, far more of us would live precarious lives that dictate more tightly constrained economic choices.
by Sean Hurley
Published March 10, 2014 in Commentary (56 comments)

Frustrating City Response to Frozen Water Line
The City expects me to spend an extra $200 a month running my water because they did not bury my water line deep enough to prevent it freezing.
by Greg Smith
Published February 13, 2014 in Commentary (6 comments)

Chamber Urges Development of Life Sciences Cluster
The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce outlines economic development opportunities in the release of a new Life Sciences Cluster Report.
by Keanin Loomis
Published February 04, 2014 in Commentary (1 comment)

Dangerous, Unacceptable Bus Transfer at Longwood and King
Each morning, passengers risk running across King Street on a red light in an attempt to catch the bus on King before it pulls away. Eventually, someone will be injured or killed.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published January 31, 2014 in Commentary (29 comments)

Hamilton's Sustainability Potential: Taking the Leap
Hamilton is on an "impressive trajectory" to develop into an urban hub of modern sustainability, but must first get beyond "a lot of inertia" that still exists in the city.
by Dave Heidebrecht
Published January 27, 2014 in Commentary (11 comments)

M.I.G.H.T.Y. Inroads to High School Entrepreneurship
This ambitious pilot project aims to demonstrate entrepreneurship as a viable career choice to the youth of central Hamilton.
by Lorenzo Somma
Published December 09, 2013 in Commentary (0 comments)

Let's Bring Back Postal Banking
Postal Banking will promote financial inclusion and address the problems many communities and individuals in this country have with getting access to banking services.
by Bob Wood
Published December 02, 2013 in Commentary (12 comments)

Welcome to Locke Street
Locke Street is exemplar of a specific change in Hamilton: a meshing of sustainability, business, and the social environment.
by Steven Watts
Published November 27, 2013 in Commentary (34 comments)

Red Hill Lawsuit Questions
Ten years into the city's lawsuit against the Federal Government on the Red Hill Valley Parkway, we must ask whether and how this serves the public interest.
by Don McLean
Published November 25, 2013 in Commentary (19 comments)

Housing in Hamilton: Promoting Safe, Affordable, Healthy Housing for All
As Hamilton continues to grow, change and develop over time, we must continue to ask who is included and who is excluded throughout this process?
by Greg Tedesco
Published November 19, 2013 in Commentary (4 comments)

No Apologies for Being a Designer in Hamilton
Although Hamilton has a rich blue-collar history, we are also abundant in architectural and cultural history, which can only be truly experienced when walking, riding or driving within our great city.
by Sheri Crawford
Published November 13, 2013 in Commentary (3 comments)

World Toilet Day and the Innovative Future of Sanitation
World Toilet Day reminds us that open defecation is the reality for 1.2 billion people across the world and human waste frequently ends up in drinking water.
by Corinne Schuster-Wallace
Published November 12, 2013 in Commentary (0 comments)

Conference Board Study: Drivers Do Not Pay Full Cost of Ontario Roads
Despite taking a convoluted view of the social cost of collisions and injuries, this study confirms the analysis that the total revenue from drivers does not pay the full cost of Ontario's road system.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published October 30, 2013 in Commentary (17 comments)

Accidental Gentrification
We need to be attentive that we do not overwrite or undermine each other's stories as we try to write our own.
by Adrienne Havercroft
Published October 23, 2013 in Commentary (11 comments)

Kirkendall Establishes Development Review Committee
Kirkendall has established a Development Review Committee to keep current on city planning policy, inform residents of developments proposed or underway and address concerns about such development plans.
by Mary Lou Reiman
Published October 16, 2013 in Commentary (1 comment)

Join the Conversation
Those of us who wish to accelerate the process and have more meaningful, inclusive conversations must reach well beyond our personal or organizational contacts and find ways to repeatedly invite all residents to follow and contribute to the dialogue.
by Larry Pomerantz
Published September 30, 2013 in Commentary (10 comments)

Are We Ready for the Conversation?
Is Hamilton ready to have a serious discussion about the future of our city that doesn't resort to name-calling or dismissing whole neighbourhoods as an irredeemable write-off?
by Jason Allen
Published September 28, 2013 in Commentary (16 comments)

King-Kenilworth Interchange a Case Study in Building Without Thinking
We could reduce our costs by eliminating unnecessary infrastructure so that we no longer have to pay to maintain it. But the City seems to build and replace infrastructure as an automatic process, not according to what we actually need.
by Sean Burak
Published September 10, 2013 in Commentary (69 comments)

Time to Equip Police with Vest-Mounted Cameras
It is time for frontline police officers to wear vest-mounted cameras to increase public confidence and protect themselves when they are properly doing their duties.
by Joey Coleman
Published August 23, 2013 in Commentary (28 comments)

Searching for Public Recycling Bins in Hamilton
Resource management, despite complexities, is significantly improved by strategically providing public recycling bins on busy streets and intersections.
by Andrew Cech and Jonathan Lambert
Published July 30, 2013 in Commentary (9 comments)

Enthusiasm, Concern about 220 Dundurn South Redevelopment
Citizens greeted Denis Vranich's redevelopment plans for 220 Dundurn Street South with a mixture of optimism and wariness.
by Jason Allen
Published June 18, 2013 in Commentary (14 comments)

Devil in the Details of 220 Dundurn South Redevelopment
Developers produce better outcomes when they work constructively with local residents to ensure their concerns are addressed.
by Jason Allen
Published June 12, 2013 in Commentary (31 comments)

The Benefits of Urban Chicken and Bee Pilot Projects at Community Gardens
Hosting pilot projects at community gardens is a nice way to gradually and responsibly ease citizens (both for and against) into the practice of these progressive initiatives.
by Joseph Sneep
Published May 18, 2013 in Commentary (12 comments)

Public Meeting with New Horizon Regarding City Square Phase 3
After working closely with the Durand Neighbourhood Association on a plan for City Square, the developer has since applied for a zoning variance that breaks his earlier commitment to the community.
by Kelly Foyle and Simon Kiss
Published May 12, 2013 in Commentary (10 comments)

Durand Neighbourhood 'Betrayed' By New Horizon Rezoning Application
This is not a case of anti-density NIMBYism, but of a developer playing a game of bait and switch and using the goodwill of the neighbourhood to advance his project, only to change his plans at the last minute.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published May 08, 2013 in Commentary (40 comments)

Re-Tooling Development Charges into a Sharp, Effective Revenue Tool
Today's development charges subsidize sprawl while making transit-friendly development more expensive. Smarter development charges could incentivize compact development and raise transit revenue at the same time.
by Cherise Burda
Published May 07, 2013 in Commentary (3 comments)

Time for Pay As You Drive Insurance in Ontario
Let's not let auto insurance concessions in the Ontario budget 'collide' with our goals to reduce gridlock.
by Cherise Burda
Published May 01, 2013 in Commentary (16 comments)

Ontario NDP Turns Its Back On Transit
I've traditionally considered the Ontario NDP to be progressive in their views on transit and sustainability, but NDP leader Andrea Horwath has decided to attack the Liberal transit plan instead of supporting it, a stance I find deeply disappointing.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published April 17, 2013 in Commentary (17 comments)

The Morale of the Story: High Levels of Absenteeism Continue at City Hall
The Senior Management Team is not doing a good enough job of connecting the dots with and for employees. As a result, we have less engaged employees who get less done, so it costs us more to do less.
by Graham Crawford
Published April 17, 2013 in Commentary (14 comments)

A Paean to the Video Rental Store
Browsing for titles in an actual bricks and mortar store is nothing short of a luxurious experience.
by Matt Moir
Published April 03, 2013 in Commentary (10 comments)

The Artful Craft of Public Speaking
Can anyone learn the skill of effective public speaking? Yes. But leadership cannot be learned in a day. It takes practice.
by Margaret Lindsay Holton
Published April 01, 2013 in Commentary (0 comments)

Unleashed Dog Attacks Girl on Chedoke Radial Trail
Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs on a leash and under control when they are out in public.
by Andrew Hughes
Published February 25, 2013 in Commentary (33 comments)

Failed Cafe Oranje Bid for Lister Space Highlights Process Issues
We hope that by shining a light on the issues that we had, we can prevent another small business from going through what we did, by encouraging City staff to develop procedures, deadlines and accountability to those procedures.
by Amy Gringhuis and Christopher Godwaldt
Published January 25, 2013 in Commentary (37 comments)

Ontario Government Restores Some Funding for Homelessness Prevention
It will be critical in the months to come to continue to impress upon the provincial government and those vying to become Premier that cutting critical social programs will result in huge costs to individuals and society.
by Tom Cooper
Published December 28, 2012 in Commentary (10 comments)

The Elephant in the Equation
While there is no shortage of commentary about the City's need to increase revenues or payments from other levels of government, there is no budgetary consideration being given to expense control.
by Jim Sweetman
Published November 25, 2012 in Commentary (36 comments)

Councillors to Discuss Pipeline Plans
The Enbridge Line 9 pipeline reversal poses a very clear risk of a significant environmental disaster throughout a long corridor of our rural lands.
by Undustrial
Published October 15, 2012 in Commentary (20 comments)

What Went Right?
Given the dissatisfaction with the folks at the Hall so frequently expressed on this site (yes, by this writer also), it may be useful to look at a case whose outcome was much happier all around.
by Shawn Selway
Published September 23, 2012 in Commentary (4 comments)

Looking from the Inside Out: Hamilton Health and Fitness
With motivation, perseverance, a little bit of inspiration and a simple desire to improve the health of our community, together we can turn Hamilton into one of the healthiest and fittest communities in Canada.
by Cheryl Hills
Published August 09, 2012 in Commentary (18 comments)

17 Months Later, Fukushima Daiichi Offers Bitter Lessons in Risk Management
The meltdowns, radiation leaks and ongoing dangers of the stricken nuclear power plant could have been prevented with better risk management, contingency planning, readiness training and communication.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 09, 2012 in Commentary (2 comments)

Ward Boundary Review Process Moves Forward
We are not proposing nor calling for any particular solution to ward boundaries but simply asking for a fair and necessary review to commence.
by Laura Cattari
Published May 14, 2012 in Commentary (18 comments)

Mirrors Into Our Past
Reflection is a way to remind future generations of how past experiences made us what we are today.
by Larry Pattison
Published May 09, 2012 in Commentary (8 comments)

Ward Imbalance Underrepresents Less Affluent Residents
While much of the commentary over Hamilton's ward representation focuses on the urban/suburban split, the more glaring imbalance is in representation by income.
by John Neary
Published April 20, 2012 in Commentary (25 comments)

Erroneous Data, Poor Communication Taint School Closure Recommendation
Given that the rationale for this ARC was predicated on an error, and given staff's lack of forthrightness in revealing this error and its implications on the wrongful PTR designation, the only fair and just outcome for this ARC is status quo.
by Mary Louise Pigott
Published April 16, 2012 in Commentary (9 comments)

Record Store Day
On April 21, take part in the celebration of that great institution of music culture - the record store.
by Kevin Wiens
Published April 16, 2012 in Commentary (2 comments)

AIESEC McMaster Attracting Globally Minded Citizens
A globalizing economy is the next economic transformation affecting Hamilton. AIESEC McMaster is a local chapter of a worldwide NGO that pairs local businesses with international interns to further this change and satisfy the diverse needs of both parties
by Kevin Carmona-Murphy
Published April 13, 2012 in Commentary (6 comments)

Generational Decline in Civic Engagement a Wake-Up Call
Social inertia may be comfortable, but it's just not tenable to allow today's generation of civic leaders to be one of our last.
by Michael Borrelli
Published March 22, 2012 in Commentary (18 comments)

CBC Hamilton Threatened by Cuts
Proposed cuts of up to 10% could jeopardize the CBC's new digital service in Hamilton.
by Sonja Macdonald
Published March 14, 2012 in Commentary (34 comments)

Prince Philip School Closure a Big Mistake
The proposed closure of Prince Philip School would facilitate a socially corrosive education policy, disproportionately harm an existing community and produce significant environmental damage.
by Joe Minor
Published March 10, 2012 in Commentary (16 comments)

It's Pension Time
Who could have imagined it would be such an ordeal to collect your Canada pension?
by Anne Van Dyk
Published March 09, 2012 in Commentary (15 comments)

Am I Green?
I suppose when I am ready to look honestly at our lifestyle, I will get greener. I can't get from start to finish in one step, but I have to take those steps.
by Jeff Griffiths
Published March 01, 2012 in Commentary (14 comments)

My Chicken Story
A young entrepreneur shares her experience keeping backyard chickens and selling the surplus eggs.
by Aidan Cooper
Published February 08, 2012 in Commentary (15 comments)

Buying Now, Paying Later
More than ever, we need our leaders to consider their lasting legacy: will they leave their grandchildren clean water, safe roads, and functioning sewers, or just a huge bill and long to-do list?
by Michael Borrelli
Published February 01, 2012 in Commentary (20 comments)

Convincing Council to Support Urban Chickens
Show your councillor that you support backyard chickens before the next council meeting on January 25.
by Jeremy Compton
Published January 22, 2012 in Commentary (43 comments)

The Gift of Gainful Employment
The $30,000 increase Mayor Bratina gave his chief of staff is actually higher than the median income in Hamilton. We need to do something about that.
by Michael Borrelli
Published December 15, 2011 in Commentary (14 comments)

All I want for Christmas
Graham Crawford's holiday wish list for what he wants from the mayor of this city.
by Graham Crawford
Published December 14, 2011 in Commentary (24 comments)

Talking Tenancy: How to Move Beyond Mutual Distrust
Through respectful two-way communication, landlords and tenants can break the cycle of mistrust, neglect and decline that takes such a toll on our city's homes and neighbourhoods.
by Tanya Ritchie
Published December 02, 2011 in Commentary (50 comments)

Buy Nothing Day
Leave your wallet or purse at home, pack a lunch for work, and try a little retail celibacy for a day - you might find you like it.
by Michael Borrelli
Published November 25, 2011 in Commentary (21 comments)

CBC Digital Plan a Model for Entrepreneurs
From railroads to satellites, the CBC has been with Canada, innovating us into connecting a vast and diverse country. Now they are giving it back to us to connect to one another on our own.
by Lorenzo Somma
Published November 08, 2011 in Commentary (18 comments)

Scott Park Seniors' Facility Needs More and Earlier Community Input
Citizens deserve better than to be treated like children when we offer to become engaged in plans that affect our communities.
by Paul Tetley
Published October 24, 2011 in Commentary (22 comments)

Occupying Streets: The Global Democracy Movement Comes to Hamilton
If direct democracy is truly to take hold, it needs to go beyond popular causes of today, no matter how all-encompassing they might seem.
by Undustrial
Published October 22, 2011 in Commentary (24 comments)

Brookfield Has a Responsibility to Allow Peaceful Assembly
The Canadian company that manages Zuccotti Park on Wall Street wants to oust the protesters on the pretext of cleaning the park.
by Lorenzo Somma
Published October 14, 2011 in Commentary (8 comments)

Another Push Towards the Tipping Point: Hamilton Civic League and Town Halls Hamilton
A shift in the way Hamilton operates, thinks and acts is entirely possible with enough people working together to make that change.
by Meredith Broughton
Published October 14, 2011 in Commentary (10 comments)

Time to Increase Social Assistance Rate
Increasing the social assistance rate would provide a boost to the economy and actually save the government overall in poverty-related health costs.
by Laura Cattari
Published September 23, 2011 in Commentary (9 comments)

More Words of Comfort from Dear Leader
Fellow dissidents, misguided vigilantes, agenda people, and bloggers, it's time once again to review the words of our Dear Leader.
by Graham Crawford
Published September 06, 2011 in Commentary (26 comments)

Council Should Do the Right Thing at 245 Catherine Street North
The time has come for Council to do what's right for the Beasley Community: engage in the immediate demolition and cleanup of this longstanding toxic waste site.
by Matt Jelly
Published August 11, 2011 in Commentary (45 comments)

Where Is Our Champion?
The transformation of Indianapolis from rust belt city to gem of the mid-west demonstrates the importance of civic leadership.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published August 09, 2011 in Commentary (32 comments)

Taking Action to Break the Poverty Cycle in Hamilton
We need Mohawk, and especially McMaster, to move into our neighbourhoods and build the dream of higher education in all our communities.
by Joey Coleman
Published July 14, 2011 in Commentary (34 comments)

1979, 1929, or Something Else Entirely?
Should the European Central Bank see the value of its assets fall by less than five percent, its entire capital base would be wiped out.
by Andrew McKillop
Published July 14, 2011 in Commentary (3 comments)

A More Balanced Economic Study of Social Assistance
Hamilton has an important opportunity to give some serious thought to the analysis that social assistance provides real benefits as well as costs.
by Bob Wood
Published July 03, 2011 in Commentary (41 comments)

Details Missing from Development Charge Debate
Residential and industrial development charges are going up, but they are still a long way from paying the real cost of growth. That means higher water/sewer rates and higher taxes for Hamiltonians.
by Don McLean
Published June 28, 2011 in Commentary (17 comments)

Canada Post Debate Rife with Misinformation
The public and political debate over the Canada Post labour issue has been fueled by resentment and misinformation instead of factual analysis.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 26, 2011 in Commentary (82 comments)

Woolverton Park: An Urbanist's Dilemma
The City plans to sell part of Woolverton Park in Corktown neighbourhood to a developer planning to build a 70 unit property next door. What is the right balance between intensification and protection of park land?
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published June 10, 2011 in Commentary (22 comments)

Lessons From The Summit, Lessons From The Past
As we hear from urban experts about what Hamilton must do, I wonder: are we prepared to take their advice even if it means major, possibly even painful change?
by Adrian Duyzer
Published May 25, 2011 in Commentary (11 comments)

Highlights from Affordable Housing Workshop
As the City develops a housing and homelessness strategy, yesterday's affordable housing workshop highlighted opportunities for the public and private sectors to work together to ensure housing for everyone.
by Sarah V. Wayland
Published March 22, 2011 in Commentary (12 comments)

Displaced Manufacturing Workers Continue to Struggle
The unemployment rate in the manufacturing sector is considerably worse than the overall rate in Hamilton, as the city undergoes a process of deindustrialization and a shift away from heavy manufacturing.
by Katie Stoneman
Published March 18, 2011 in Commentary (18 comments)

Schools Out
Two east end Hamilton high schools face extinction.
by Paul Vicari
Published March 04, 2011 in Commentary (37 comments)

We Missed The Show
New ideas can flourish again if we are reverent about our past.
by Paul Vicari
Published February 19, 2011 in Commentary (35 comments)

Sometimes Nothing is Better Than Something
It's time to do away with Councillors' discretionary spending budgets.
by Graham Crawford
Published February 18, 2011 in Commentary (42 comments)

Where Are the Jobs?
The number one objective of corporations is to make money, and today their number one method of doing so is to eliminate jobs.
by Don McLean
Published November 26, 2010 in Commentary (36 comments)

Bin There, Bought That
Recycling only goes so far. We've forgotten about the Reduce and Reuse part of the equation.
by Jenny Dunlop
Published November 05, 2010 in Commentary (14 comments)

LRT is the Future, But Let's Also Respect the Past
With Hamilton's LRT plan, we're actually bringing an old idea back. Why in the world did the city remove it in the first place?
by Rene Gauthier
Published September 19, 2010 in Commentary (14 comments)

Looking in a Mirror in Buffalo, NY
Hamilton, like Buffalo, should avoid being cynical because of past events and worrying about what other people think. Instead, we need to remain focused on our goals.
by Dave Serafini
Published September 10, 2010 in Commentary (13 comments)

Nuclear Renaissance Poses Threat
More and more nations could take the known and proven civil-to-military route for building nuclear weapons.
by Andrew McKillop
Published August 11, 2010 in Commentary (8 comments)

Six Nations - An Argument for a little Growth
People need safe drinking water and decent housing. Most of all, Six Nations needs a fair share.
by Undustrial
Published July 15, 2010 in Commentary (28 comments)

The Core Issue of Transportation
We need to recognize that we have pushed automobiles into roles for which they are ill-suited, simply because we have lost sight of what transportation is all about.
by Alasdair Rathbone
Published June 11, 2010 in Commentary (15 comments)

The Internet is a Game Changer
The internet changes not only how the news is conveyed - digitally or on paper - but also how our perception of the news is changing altogether.
by Ramzy Baroud
Published May 27, 2010 in Commentary (10 comments)

Tackling Poverty Together
Presentation by Terry Cooke to the Conference Board of Canada.
by Terry Cooke
Published May 18, 2010 in Commentary (60 comments)

Say No to Liberty
Let's develop our own solution to dealing with our sludge in our own time - and not to an uninvited, unproven company's deadline.
by Julia Kollek
Published May 17, 2010 in Commentary (16 comments)

Nuclear Weapons and Proliferation - Are You Kidding?
Obama has called for a "world without nuclear weapons" but the world will continue to develop nuclear energy. This means that risks from accident and error - rather than terror - are the biggest threat from nuclear power.
by Andrew McKillop
Published May 04, 2010 in Commentary (2 comments)

Queen's Park Forces Hamilton To Reward Failure
The Municipal Act mandates property tax breaks for vacant properties, which reward property owners who keep their buildings empty and encourage speculators to hold out for public subsidies.
by John Neary
Published March 22, 2010 in Commentary (47 comments)

Where are the Goal-Oriented Leaders?
Councillors should be viewed as successful not by how long they can get the same people to vote for them but by how much they can improve our city.
by Frank Borger
Published March 19, 2010 in Commentary (28 comments)

Rolled Over
What is Tim Hortons but a very, very hot cup of coffee and kids going to camp? Smiling soldiers and snowplow drivers? Winter, spring, summer, and fall?
by Anders Knudsen
Published March 15, 2010 in Commentary (7 comments)

Getting to the Bottom of Toyota's Sudden Acceleration Problem
Instead of analyzing vehicles with identified failures, the firm hired by Toyota tested several ordinary vehicles and components - like testing healthy people to identify an illness.
by Joel S. Hirschhorn
Published March 09, 2010 in Commentary (6 comments)

Last Call at the Gladstone Hotel
The closing of a rooming house forces us to deal with the terrible conditions single occupants often live in. The argument is not whether or not these hotels should remain in existence, but what we are doing and should be doing for residents of this type
by Anders Knudsen
Published March 08, 2010 in Commentary (7 comments)

Laurier Brantford: You've Come A Long Way, Baby!
Humour staves off depression, and maybe satire can ward against intellectual bankruptcy in the Crisis on Colborne.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published March 01, 2010 in Commentary (10 comments)

The Youth are Starting to Change
In the face of asinine, narrow-minded, alienating legislation, the youth are starting to mobilize.
by Chris Erl
Published February 27, 2010 in Commentary (38 comments)

Memo to Brantford: Hamilton Heritage Demolition 101
The process of decimating heritage, though it appears to be swift and easy, is a long-drawn and rigorous affair. We should know; after all, we wrote the manual on this.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published February 22, 2010 in Commentary (18 comments)

Regional Hopes
A Family Day Special: Let's take this opportunity to think about how we can expand our circle of family to think of Hamilton as a region, not a collection of separate, squabbling units.
by Mahesh P. Butani
Published February 15, 2010 in Commentary (5 comments)

Evaluate LRT on Facts, Not Irrational Fears
LRT has been proven again and again to spur development, attract new taxpaying businesses, increase property values (and tax assessments), and lure residents to the line.
by Sean Burak
Published February 01, 2010 in Commentary (26 comments)

Hand-wringing Over Spike in Pedestrian Deaths Avoids Effective Solutions
If we are serious about eliminating pedestrian deaths and injuries, we need to re-engineer our urban streets to make it difficult or physically impossible to drive at high speeds.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published January 27, 2010 in Commentary (42 comments)

Hamilton Demands our Collective Best
Speech to the Distinguished Citizen of the Year Awards Dinner, January 25, 2010.
by Terry Cooke
Published January 26, 2010 in Commentary (16 comments)

The Fall of The Century: The Cinema History Factor
If you've rented a VHS or DVD movie, or watched a broadcast of a film, or gone the Pay-Per-View route, or purchased movies to add to your library, then you're part of the reason that the film business changed.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published January 20, 2010 in Commentary (4 comments)

To Prevent the Next Century Collapse, Understand the Bigger Picture
It was possible for The Century to be left to its slow, painful, inexorable demise not just because its owners didn't give a damn but also because the environment allowed for it to happen.
by M Adrian Brassington
Published January 19, 2010 in Commentary (2 comments)

20 Years Later, Roomers and Boarders Still Vulnerable
There is an assumption that there is a legal structure protecting rooming house tenants, but a legal grey area and lack of policy focus leaves them vulnerable.
by Bob Wood
Published December 23, 2009 in Commentary (19 comments)

Pittsburgh and its Golden Triangle
In Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle, the remnants of previous eras when Pittsburgh was incredibly prosperous are everywhere to be seen.
by Michael Cumming
Published December 09, 2009 in Commentary (15 comments)

Bill Strickland: Start Believing in This City
By doing something good for your community, however small, you are transforming your environment for the better, and a better environment drives better behavior.
by Lorne Opler
Published December 02, 2009 in Commentary (7 comments)

Power Shift in Singapore, Yet APEC Offers No Clear Answers
The APEC Summit delineated a shift in power toward China, but it also presented a new set of priorities in which the environment didn't seem to top the list.
by Ramzy Baroud
Published November 25, 2009 in Commentary (0 comments)

Pan Am Games Highlight Need for Hotel Space
If Hamilton wants to be taken seriously, it must build a showcase hotel, one that stands on par with any of the top-flight name brands
by Lorne Opler
Published November 24, 2009 in Commentary (15 comments)

McMaster Innovation Park Open House
In academic settings and in industry innovation is not always encouraged, but combining academic research with industrial production can be a potent combination.
by Michael Cumming
Published October 28, 2009 in Commentary (5 comments)

Hamilton Civic League off to a Good Start
Their leadership acumen suggests that achievement of the group's public goals is possible and makes it a valuable addition to the local civic landscape.
by David Van Beveren
Published October 08, 2009 in Commentary (2 comments)

Hamilton and Burlington: A Tale of Two Cities
Burlington is presented as a modern solution to a traditional Victorian city like Hamilton: in order to build the modern city it was necessary to escape the burdens of the past.
by Michael Cumming
Published October 07, 2009 in Commentary (48 comments)

Hamilton to Buffalo
These two economically and geographically similar cities have followed sharply divergent trajectories over the past thirty years.
by Michael Cumming
Published October 02, 2009 in Commentary (8 comments)

Myth and Reality of Cycling and Safety
Too much of the car-vs-bicycle debate is overrun by myths and rank misinformation.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published October 01, 2009 in Commentary (45 comments)

Derision Towards Poor Taints Connaught Debate
There are legitimate reasons to be opposed to the Connaught proposal, but they are getting lost among unacceptable attitudes towards economically disadvantaged people.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published September 16, 2009 in Commentary (73 comments)

Hamilton CarShare to Launch Fleet of Cars
The Hamilton CarShare Advisory Committee members and their fellow members at Grand River CarShare form a non-profit cooperative of ambitious, enthusiastic, and, hardworking volunteers who know that carsharing works.
by Les Szamosvari
Published August 31, 2009 in Commentary (1 comment)

Pirate Party Manifesto: Reform Intellectual Property Laws to Protect Freedoms
The Pirates are the kind of party our old guard could take pointers from: new image, in-touch and bluntly honest.
by Chris Erl
Published August 31, 2009 in Commentary (10 comments)

Hounds Hunt for Hamilton Off-Leash Parks
It doesn't seem like too much to ask that all Hammer-folk can walk to a park and let their dogs off-leash legally.
by Lindsay Soomet
Published August 31, 2009 in Commentary (34 comments)

Convince Me to Be Car Free
Some simple ideas on how we can achieve the City's goal of 100 rides per person per year by 2020 (or at least in my lifetime).
by Alasdair Rathbone
Published August 30, 2009 in Commentary (13 comments)

Jacked! Connecting Crime with Poor Planning
Upper James has all the characteristics that attract criminals: poor lighting, fast-moving traffic, wide-open spaces with few permanent residents and a very feeble sense of community.
by Chris Erl
Published August 15, 2009 in Commentary (17 comments)

High Speed Rail Opposition Based on False Claims
When Wendell Cox claims that "intercity roads are self-financing", this is both untrue on its face and disingenuous with respect to public transit such as LRT.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published June 10, 2009 in Commentary (3 comments)

Paying Lip Service to Provincial Growth Plans
A developer hopes to get council approval to convert highway accessible employment lands to a new big box complex on a technicality.
by Don McLean
Published May 26, 2009 in Commentary (11 comments)

Don't Just Blame Council
How might our advocacy differ if we treated government not as an entity in and of itself, but rather as the platform on which the struggle between different community interests takes place?
by David Van Beveren
Published May 18, 2009 in Commentary (4 comments)

Transportation Summit: Tension Between Sustainability Language and Status Quo Priorities
A significant shift in the city's thinking is that a focus on moving people and goods efficiently, not moving vehicles efficiently; yet staff highlighted the fact that decisions are still constrained by the need to maximize traffic flow.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published April 28, 2009 in Commentary (16 comments)

Article Removed
This article has been removed at the request of the author.
by RTH Staff
Published April 24, 2009 in Commentary (0 comments)

Moving Hamilton Up the Ladder of Citizen Participation
What would plans such as GRIDS, the Cycling Master Plan or the downtown urban plan look like if they if they had been designed and, most importantly, implemented, using a Citizen Power model?
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published April 23, 2009 in Commentary (2 comments)

Streetcars: A Brief History and a Bright Future
What an idea - take advantage of Hamilton's skilled labour, its industrial heritage and resilience to design and build a new fleet of radials right here.
by Brian Quinn
Published March 23, 2009 in Commentary (3 comments)

Hamilton Civic Coalition: A Retrospective
A history of the Hamilton Civic Coalition, an informal gathering of community leaders working together to develop a new direction in city development.
by Roy Adams
Published January 08, 2009 in Commentary (3 comments)

Hello, I'm over Here
When will society view people in terms of their skills, gifts and abilities instead of their differences?
by Norma LaForme
Published November 04, 2008 in Commentary (3 comments)

The Social Costs of CARnage
Putting a dollar figure on a transportation-related injury or death may seem hard-hearted, but it can be done. It should be done, if only to underline the enormous human costs of our car/truck dominated transportation system.
by David Cohen
Published October 02, 2008 in Commentary (13 comments)

To Believe in Our Cities Again
An ambitious platform calls for the creation of a Ministry of Urban Affairs, the establishment of three new national holidays, and setting clear limits on sprawl.
by Chris Erl
Published September 11, 2008 in Commentary (4 comments)

Ethics and the City of Hamilton: A Retrospective
An Ethics Commissioner will help, but the City must get back to the business of governance as opposed to petty politics.
by Bob Robertson
Published July 07, 2008 in Commentary (8 comments)

All-Day GO Trains: Good for Local Commuters?
Rail service improvements are crucial, but GO needs to maintain all-day flexibility for it riders.
by Stavros Rougas
Published June 05, 2008 in Commentary (3 comments)

Missing Link to Toronto Commute?
GO to add additional morning train to Hamilton.
by Stavros Rougas
Published April 30, 2008 in Commentary (19 comments)

The Green Standard on User Fees
A look at three recent major environmental issues dealt with by council sheds some light on whether user pay is a principle or just a convenient debating tool.
by Don McLean
Published March 24, 2008 in Commentary (40 comments)

Social Housing in Ontario: Picking Up the Pieces
New provincial investments are a start, but certainly more will need to be done to protect Ontario's aging social housing stock.
by Tom Cooper
Published March 24, 2008 in Commentary (4 comments)

Puncturing Dreschel's Presumptions
Andrew Dreschel admits that suburban sprawl leads to increased car use – a breathtaking statement from one who supported Red Hill all the way, every way.
by David Cohen
Published February 14, 2008 in Commentary (20 comments)

Tom D'Aquino's Environmental Blind Spot
Ignoring the environmental damage of unrestricted commerce, Tom D'Aquino argues that business and money are are the only solutions to saving the current climatic crisis.
by Maggie Hughes
Published January 18, 2008 in Commentary (9 comments)

Pro and Con: Trinity Proposal on MIP Employment Lands
This is a very important issue to which everyone within Southwest, Westdale, and even Dundas should pay attention.
by Betsy Agar
Published January 18, 2008 in Commentary (17 comments)

Lies, Damned Lies and Poverty Statistics
Statistics can be useful for measuring progress or identifying areas of improvement, but real poverty reduction efforts will continue to rely on community-wide investments and action.
by Tom Cooper
Published December 20, 2007 in Commentary (2 comments)

Urbanism for Life: Let Children Help Design our Cities
Here is a simple criterion for human design: Shape a city around our children.
by Nikos A. Salingaros
Published November 27, 2007 in Commentary (12 comments)

Enjoy the Holidays Sustainably
Celebrating the festive season by limiting over-consumption is a way to honour the special people in your life and the Earth they live on. Buy less, love more.
by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko
Published November 27, 2007 in Commentary (0 comments)

Money, Interest and Inflation
The policy of most central banks is based on permanent growth of the money stock. Can the world survive this policy much longer?
by Rudo de Ruijter
Published November 08, 2007 in Commentary (3 comments)

Terry Cooke, Red Hill, and the Politics of Division
Far from 'redundant', the environmental assessment Terry Cooke helped squash would have revealed major problems with the planned expressway and given opponents a fair hearing.
by Don McLean
Published November 08, 2007 in Commentary (24 comments)

A Transit Free Day in Paris France
One terrific learning opportunity that we all seem to rush by is what happens when parts of the system go down.
by Eric Britton
Published October 22, 2007 in Commentary (7 comments)

Revitalization from the Inside Out
We need to stop throwing money at developers on the fringes of the city and instead get serious about economic development in the core.
by Sean Burak
Published September 28, 2007 in Commentary (8 comments)

Social Assistance Reform Needed Now
Ontario needs to adopt an evidence-based system for determining social assistance rates.
by Craig Foye
Published September 28, 2007 in Commentary (3 comments)

Hamilton Short-Changed in GO Improvements
The residents of Hamilton, our civic leaders, GO Transit, CP Rail and the government of Ontario need to co-operate and move our transportation network into the 21st century.
by Jonathan Dalton
Published September 09, 2007 in Commentary (12 comments)

A Lucky Break?
A recent altercation on the road highlights the uphill struggle to support and promote cycling in Hamilton.
by Grant Ranalli
Published June 07, 2007 in Commentary (20 comments)

Tenants and Taxes
Hamilton's lowest income earners are renters, but they pay among the highest property tax rates.
by Tom Cooper
Published May 18, 2007 in Commentary (8 comments)

Fuel Efficiency is Not the Answer
Increasing fuel efficiency in vehicles by itself simply lowers the cost of driving and encourages more sprawl development.
by Don McLean
Published March 19, 2007 in Commentary (12 comments)

Bus-Fare Increase: A Lose-Lose-Lose Proposition
Increasing bus fares goes against Hamilton's efforts to address poverty, reduce pollution, and ameliorate gridlock.
by Roy Adams
Published February 26, 2007 in Commentary (7 comments)

Dollar Contributions, Wars and Collapse
Well camoflaged, the US dollar is at the centre of several conflicts.
by Rudo de Ruijter
Published February 26, 2007 in Commentary (0 comments)

Quick Guide to the New Residential Tenancies Act
The new Ontario tenancy legislation is a mixed bag, ending default evictions but retaining vacancy decontrol.
by Tom Cooper
Published February 09, 2007 in Commentary (4 comments)

Driving Blind into an Uncertain Future
Climate Change has finally won worldwide consensus, yet Hamilton still digs away at a destructive environmental hole.
by Paul Glendenning
Published February 09, 2007 in Commentary (0 comments)

No Need to Idle in Winter
Winter idling is bad for the environment and is even bad for your car.
by Thom Oommen
Published February 09, 2007 in Commentary (12 comments)

Eisenberger Must Stand Firm on Ending Red Hill Lawsuit
Mayor Eisenberger needs strong backing from the community to fend off those who want him to shake down Canadian taxpayers for cash.
by Don McLean
Published January 24, 2007 in Commentary (4 comments)

Why We Should Have Seen This Coming All Along, but Didn't
One of my Myspace buddies won the municipal election. Can you guess which one?
by Matt Jelly
Published November 23, 2006 in Commentary (2 comments)

A Hallowe'en Brush With Death
A late-night collision leaves a haunting reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.
by John Milton
Published November 08, 2006 in Commentary (0 comments)

Community Economic Development is Everyone's Business
Community economic development has a lot to offer to Hamilton, and Hamilton has a lot it can give back.
by Jack Santa-Barbara
Published October 06, 2006 in Commentary (0 comments)

Oh, the Struggles Ahead
Sometimes we can almost believe that the wheel of historical necessity within the invisible logic of events is turning, and turning the right way.
by Jeff Mahoney
Published December 14, 2005 in Commentary (0 comments)

Why I am a Hamilton Optimist
Anyone who buys even a bit of the idea that history is dialectical knows that, sometimes, the quicker and more utterly you hit rock bottom, the sooner the cycle turns.
by Jeff Mahoney
Published December 14, 2004 in Commentary (14 comments)

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